QNE Software is the most user-friendly accounting and ERP system. QNE software is a real-time proven software with SQL Client/Server databases, with option to run the accounting software in Cloud. It is most affordable software solution for small and medium sized businesses.

Why choose QNE Enterprise

- So easy to use.

- Affordable Solutions. 

- Powerful and Reliable - SQL client/server friendly.

- Integrated Modules. 

- Provides business solutions suit to your business the most.

- Provides a built-in business operation control.

- Localised and Customisable.

QNE Features & benefits:

QNE business solutions are designed for business running in networking environment (eg: LAN or WAN) with special attention to Sri Lankan market. QNE has the most advanced search engine and report writer for users to generate unlimited customized reports.

    QNE is not only an accounting tools, it provides you with analytic tools such as cashflow status, forecast, profit estimator, stock break-even point, stock with no movement and etc useful tools to assist your business grow. With its powerful analytic tool, it makes QNE to become the top Sri Lanka accounting and ERP software.

    QNE Enterprise Feature Summary

    • - General Ledger
    • - Cashbook
    • - Bank Reconciliation
    • - Sales/Purchases
    • - Debtors/Creditors
    • - Receivables/Payables
    • - Inventory Management
    • - Multi Locations
    • - Print Invoice, Cheque, etc
    • - Supports VAT/NBT and other local taxes
    • - Serial Number Tracking
    • - Import/Export to MS Office
    • - Project Management
    • - Bill of Material
    • - Credit Control
    • - Multi-Currency
    • - Multi-User
    • - Post Dated Cheque Tracking
    • - Customization Centre
    • - Stock Batch/Lot/Expiry Tracking (Addon)
    • - Billing Approval (Addon)
    • - POS (Addon)
    • - Sri Lanka Edition
    • - And Much More...


    Why Choose Us

    We are accredited QNE Developer Partner, who can provide you with a range of services, including QNE cloud solutions, on-site, on-line assistance and customization. 

    What we do, as QNE Developer Partner:

    • - QNE Consultation.
    • - On-site and on-line training.
    • - QNE implementation.
    • - On-site and on-line technical support.
    • - QNE Customization.
    • - QNE Cloud Solutions.