Inventory Software

Simple Inventory and Point of Sales Software for Small Business Owners

Are you spending more time on counting stock, checking bills rather than selling inventory/stock?

The right inventory software can provide major time saving benefits. Free up your human resources for more profitable tasks by automating your inventory tracking.  Choosing the appropriate software for your business can even help you eliminate time consuming manual processes by alerting you to which items need to be re-ordered and when.  

No matter what size your company is, you need to accurately track inventory to maximize your profitability and reduce overhead expenses. SBSCC Stockist - inventory software takes the guesswork out of keeping appropriate stock levels and costing. It also allows you to efficiently gather key information needed to make informed and insightful decisions.

SBSCC Stockist  business operational software specifically designed for small business owners to manage their inventory more efficiently. Now small business owners can take absolute control of their inventory/stock, purchases, point of sales and returns.  

SBSCC Stockist Basic (POS) Features:

  • - Easy to use and flexible.
  • - Specifically designed for small business owners.
  • - Complete inventory/stock management.
  • - Manage purchases and goods received note.
  • - Manage sales and point of sales.
  • - Print invoices, sales receipts and purchase orders.
  • - Manage customer/supplier returns.
  • - Manage customer/supplier/employee contact list.
  • - Manage routine order processing and re-order level.
  • - Analyze your business in-depth with over 25 reports.
  • - Export sales and purchases journals.
  • - Supports Multi-User (concurrent users). 
  • - Much more...
    System Requirements: 

    • - Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8.1/etc.
    • - 566 MHz Processor, 1GB RAM (2GB recommended).
    • - Machine date format should be "dd/mm/yyyy" .
    • - 500MB free disk space.
    • - MS Access 2003 Runtime should be installed.

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