Are you looking for a simple fuel/Gas station accounting software?

Fully Integrated Fuel Station Management & Accounting

So Easy to Use - Simply enter daily meter reading and update, system will auto calculate the total liters sold and sales. It also updates stock/inventory and cost simultaneously. P&L and other reports are at your fingertips now.

Truly easy to use accounting software with all the features for your business. The right billing, inventory and integrated accounting can provide major time-saving benefits and it is the absolute necessity for your company’s survival. Free up your human resources for more profitable tasks by automating your business system fully. Choosing the appropriate software for your business can even help you eliminate time-consuming manual processes. No matter what size your company is, you need to accurately manage sales, purchases, inventory, and accounting to maximize your profitability and reduce overhead expenses.

SBSCC MYBOS is first of its kind, nothing like others takes the guesswork out of keeping proper billing, inventory and accounting. It also allows you to efficiently gather key information needed to make informed and insightful decisions. SBSCC MYBOS is fully integrated and you can take absolute control of petrol/diesel/oil/etc sales, purchases, inventory/stock, customer receivables/supplier payables and accounting.


- So easy to use.

- Full-Featured Billing, Inventory & Accounting.

- Specifically designed for filling/petrol stations.

- Powerful and Reliable.

- Make reporting over petrol station operation easy and convenient. 

- Provides business solutions suit to your business the most.

- Provides a built-in business operation control.

- Make petrol station work efficiently and bring maximum profit to its owner.

- Reduce the cost of management over the petrol station.

- Make activities of cashiers and fuel attendants transparent in order to avoid stealing and frauds.



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